Agape is a Greek word for a particular type of love. Agape love is love that is based upon principle and is, by far, the noblest type of love. Agape love is unselfish and more than just an emotional response.

The Agape Project

The Agape Project is a personal project that involves birth moms and adoptive families to show how much love there is in adoption. I wanted to create an awareness video to educate others on adoption. It has been such a huge part of my life and has made my dreams come true. I hope anyone considering placing their child for adoption will be moved after watching this amazing video

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About Briana

My name is Briana and adoption changed my life. As a young girl, I knew I wanted to adopt and it was part of God's plan for me. Three years ago one of my dreams became a reality as my husband and I held this sweet baby boy in our arms and were able to call him son. It was love at first sight. Our life changed for the better and my love for adoption became a huge part of who I am today.

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